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2015/16 Committees 

The following Committees have been nominated and subsequently voted on to represent WAGP in 2015.

We strongly encourage any volunteers to contact the appropriate chairperson of any Committee you are interested in helping with.


2016 Nominating Committee

Chairperson:  Cassie Wilson

Nina Biehler

Jason Whalen

Alt: Sharon Walsh

Alt: Meghan Whalen

2016 Nominations

Officer Nominations:

President:  Jackie Burns

Vice President / Secretary:   Meghan Whalen

Treasurer:   Sean Wilson

Coming Off of Board: Dan Biehler, Jason Whalen & Cassie Wilson

Board Nominations:  Dan Biehler, Jason Whalen & Cassie Wilson



President:  Jackie Burns 

Vice President/Secretary:  Meghan Whalen

Treasurer:  Sean Wilson


Board of Directors

Dan Biehler

Nina Biehler

Sharon Walsh

Jason Whalen

Cassie Wilson

Rescue - Nina Biehler

Membership - Nina Biehler

Show Committee

Sharon Walsh

Cassie Wilson



Cassie Wilson, Chairperson

Jackie Burns


Field/Companion Events - Sean Wilson, Chairperson


AKC Legislative Contact Person - Meghan Whalen